One of my favorite gifts to give or receive are luxury bath products. They also make for lovely favors at your bridal shower or wedding.

There are lots of mold and fragrance options available that you can use to match your theme. Better yet, you can create your own recipes. Customize them further to match your color scheme, add flowers petals, oatmeal or use your favorite scent.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to make your own bath favors, a cost effective alternative to purchasing bath bombs.

Place all the dry ingredients into a bowl – 250g Baking Soda, 120g Citric Acid, 120g Corn Starch, 120g Mineral Salts and approx a teaspoon of Mica Color Powder in a large glass bowl. Tip: it’s best to weigh these measurements than use measuring cups, as this will give you a more accurate result.

Use a whisk to mix the dry ingredients. Remove the lumps in the mixture to prevent warts (bubbles and lumps) from occurring in the finished bath bombs.

Combine all the wet ingredients into a bowl – 3 tsp of Witch Hazel, 1 tsp (or more to preference) of Essential Oil and 3 Tbs. of Vegetable Oil.

Very slowly pour the wet ingredients into the dry mix. If you see fizz, you are pouring too quickly – slow down. Continue kneading the mixture with your hands or mixing with the whisk as you blend.

Tip: I use witch hazel instead of water. Witch hazel is a binding agent, while you can still get “fizz” from adding it to the dry ingredients too fast, it is more forgiving than water.

You should finish when you have a mixture that is the consistency of slightly damp sand, it should clump together when you squish the mixture with your hands. Press the mixture into one half of the sphere mold.

Add a sprinkle of dry lavender into the bottom of the 2nd half of mold. Then add more of the bath bomb mix to pack this side of the sphere mold.

Pack a little extra in the middle of each side and then push the 2 halves of the mold together.

Leave the mold to sit for a minute before removing one half of the mold.

Let the bomb sit (with one side open) for a further 5 minutes. Then holding the bomb over your hand, gently tap the remaining side of the mold, releasing the bomb into your hand.

Let the bomb cure for 48 hours before wrapping them.

Place the cured bath bomb in a Clear Cellophane Gift Bag. Seal the bag with a Personalized Monogrammed Sticker. Alternatively, tie the bag with bakers twine and place the sticker on the front of the bag.

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