November Confetti Crate

November Confetti Crate


Halloween isn’t even here yet but that isn’t stopping us from planning for all things Thanksgiving. Actually I’m kind of already dreaming about Christmas too, don’t tell anyone I said that! ???????????? BUT if you are already in planning mode – our December Confetti Crate is going to have a cut off order date of 11/22!

We thought long and hard about November’s Confetti Crate and we really think we nailed it! There’s going to be A LOT of cooking going on and we wanted to provide you with something cute and functional but also something trendy enough that you can use it all throughout the year ????
Like I said, we TOTALLY NAILED IT!!!

We’re obsessed with this round wooden cutting board with the phrase “GATHER” engraved in the center. Sorry, the mini pie is not included ????


What is the Confetti Crate?

Confetti Crate is a high quality monogrammed/personalized subscription box.

It will include a variety of party items, housewares and monogrammed or personalized curated gifts. If there is a holiday in the month – the crate will be themed around that.

Just remember the Confetti Crate is an exclusive crate with limited availability.

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