Wedding & Bridal Season

Wedding & Bridal Season

Wedding season is still in complete full swing and wedding belles are ringing!

The toaster is for the B-list guest who needs to ship something quick. These straight-from-the-heart ideas are for the thoughtful planner — you!

Don’t fret because we’ve got you covered for all your trendy personalized gift needs.

Use our gift list and you’re sure to be the trendiest gift giver of the season. Just be careful, it might just get you invited to more weddings!

  1.  Personalized Address Stamp
  2. Posh Paper Crate (the gift that keeps on giving for as many months as you’d like!)
  3. Personalized Notecards & Personalized Skinny Notepad
  4. Monogrammed Towels
  5. Monogrammed Melamine Serving Tray
  6. Monogrammed Wooden Cutting Board
  7. Monogrammed Recipe box with Personalized recipe cards
  8. Monogrammed Large Boat Tote Bag

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